Important Update

On March 16, the CDC recommended that no gatherings over 50 people should take place over the next 8 weeks. The White House recommended no gatherings over 10 take place for the next 15 days and offered other suggestions which you can read about HERE. Our Governor has also declared a “state of disaster.”

I have talked with The Leadership Team, Kathryn and local pastors about this. I’ve read suggestions from other pastors and communication from our Texas District President. I’ve read reports from health care professionals in Italy and Washington State. Not because of fear or lack of trust but motivated by the desire to protect lives and prevent overwhelming our health care facilities and workers, most congregations will ONLY offer an online worship service. For more information on “why” social distancing helps to slow the spread and “flatten the curve” check out this article HERE. I was against worshiping away from our building until watching the simulations in this article and hearing from reliable sources of the need to slow down the spread of Covid-19 to protect lives.

Your Leadership TEAM has prayed over and considered how we may best protect the lives of the vulnerable, preserve our health care capacity and still share Word and Sacraments with our congregation. Kathryn and I researched options for pre-recording and/or livestreaming and considered ways we could safely engage one another in worship, study, prayer and friendship to help us and our neighbors through this time.

The Leadership TEAM supports a plan to offer ONLY an online worship experience this Sunday and near future. The service will be available for you to access through our website, This page will also include links to our usual note sheet and announcements as well as Sunday School materials for home use. We encourage you to gather your loved ones and sing, pray and participate as if you were in our building, but you can wear your pajamas if you want!

All of this is new and overwhelming. Kathryn and I are learning as we go. We will do our best for now and attempt to improve each week. Your prayers, ideas, concerns, flexibility, help and support are greatly appreciated. Please do your best to reach out to one another to maintain our Word of Life family ties. Join us in prayer at 5:16pm each day. Also reach out to your family, friends and neighbors. Your efforts will be much appreciated.

Do you need any help? Please do not hesitate to be in touch with us. Kathryn and I are working as hard as ever and are available to help. Also, if you’re able to offer assistance to someone who needs something picked up or delivered, please let us know.

Throw all your worry on him, because he cares for you. – 1 Peter 5:7 (ISV)

I do too!
Pastor Ken